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Band Members


Bruce Helgeson - Manager, Guitar
864-276-7727   brucehelgeson@hotmail.com
"Back in high school I had to make a choice between buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a Les Paul guitar. It's a choice I have never regretted. Not only has the guitar given me a lifetime of pleasure but I've become good enough at it that I no longer have to wear a helmet when I play. But seriously, I think I have the best job in the world. Playing music for people, especially Jazz, is a real privilege. And playing with this band is the most satisfying musical experience of my life." Even before Bruce pioneered the first Music Theory Class in his high school (Anderson, SC) his passion was clear. Six months were spent at UNCC researching solos of his idol, Charlie Parker. He became totally immersed in progressive Jazz Guitar at Berklee in Boston. First came 2 years of instrumental Performance and then 4 years of Composition. "I'm so glad I did it, I'm still applying the compositional ideas into every solo". After college, a year was spent locked in a room composing, just trying to "put it all together". Then there were years of numerous gigs. "RazzMaJazz does so many styles! Being a soloist, it's unique to see several intense personalities flow smoothly as a whole product. We get the chance to play what we really hear, speak musically to each other, and of course, there is the writing. We really enjoy what we do, and it shows." Master Class Studies with: Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, John Abercrombie, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Jimmy Bruno, Charlie Mingus, Howard Alden, Buddy Defranco, Dave Liebman, Peter Bernstein, Dave Stryker, Jack Wilkins, Rodney Jones, Peter Leitch, Harvie Swartz. Class room studies: Barry Greene, Adam Rafferty, Sheryl Bailey, Jack Grassel, John Laporta, Bret Willmot, Jim Kelly, Bill Bresnahan, Al Defino, Lou Mucci, etc. Each artist has left a marked infuence on Helgeson. Special Notes for Guitar Fans: Bruce plays '69 Gibson L-5, with Magnetic Bennedetto Pickup & Piezo Bridge into Pendulum SPS-1 Stereo Mix parametric EQ, .011RW '71 Gibson Les Paul,.0095's. Digitech 2101, Matchless Chieftain Amp El-34's, 4-10's Open back.




Dave Fry - Soprano/Alto/Tenor Sax, EWI-Synth, Vocals
Dave has been playing in the Southeast on stage since he was a child. Nineteen years of public and private school teaching on all levels, Elementary through College. Dave now instructs privately and performs often, allowing him to truly develop a musical "voice" and style. "I now have the chance to compose or "make a song up" for RazzMaJazz. I can then input the ideas on piano and PC and output written arrangements for the band" When asked about his major contemporary influences he replied, "That's easy! Michael Brecker and Eddie Daniels". Dave also has a Solo CD containing original jazz-flavored compositions.


Ken Allison - Upright Bass, Electric Bass
Coming from a family of musicians, Kens father played professionally for as long as he can remember. As a youngster Ken idolized Ray Anthony and Harry James. From his first instrument, the piano, to Trumpet and Tuba., his real focus became the upright and electric Bass. His career as a professional musician started by playing gigs with connections made by his high school band director who was a jazz tenor player. Over the years he has had the good fortune to play with musicians from many of the better known 40's & 50's Big Bands. He credits these players for having taught him the "standards" necessary to keep combo work. In the years before RazzMaJazz, Ken worked as a freelance side man. Highlights include gigs with The Lettermen, Kenny Davern - Clarinet, Tom Artin - Trombone and Ed Polcer - Cornet." "Growing up, there was always music in our house. It was almost like the music was a member of the family. Now, next to my family, I figure it's about the most important thing in my life. Music gives you something... it's something you can't touch, but it's something you'll never lose either."
Marlon Slater - Drums Catch any RazzMaJazz show and one of the first things you'll notice is the smooth intensity of Marlon. With 17 years of experience, he is a featured recording artist. Formerly with "Seconds Flat" Marlon now brings his talent to nightly shows with RazzMaJazz. Come check-out the backbone of the band and his refined rhythms. He's got a back-beat pop that can make you get up out of that seat and dance. Do It!


RazzMaJazz is usually a 4 Piece Band, but for an even livelier Dance Segment  you may want to consider adding a 5th Piece.
Tremendous Talents available. Check in advance for availability.

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